Reviewing November and welcoming December!

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post and I apologize for that.

November was not such a good month for me – at least not as productive as I would like it to be. I was sick with a gastroenteritis virus and then food poisoning from mushrooms. Yes, I know it’s like a joke! For the last two weeks each Monday I was starting with stomach problems and I’m little concerned about tomorrow! It’s Monday again!

In my last post I stated my goals for the second week of November (5-9/11/2012) and I have to report what I’ve done since then. The following table in the photo shows my daily productivity since my last post on the 5th of November.

Weekly productivity


Briefly, my weekly productivity is the following:

Weekly productivity2

My average number of pomodoro sessions per working day is the following:

Daily productivity

Well… I don’t feel very proud about my productivity but it was the best I could do given that over these two weeks I was either sick or traveling.

Another factor that influenced the progress of my thesis is that I underestimated how much time it would require to write the Discussion section. The Discussion is much more difficult and harder than I thought – or I wanted to believe. 😦

My #AcWriMo goals for November were:

  • Finish the first draft of my PhD thesis
  • Send draft to my supervisor
  • Write an extended abstract (1.000 words) for an international workshop

Well… I didn’t accomplish these goals.

What I did accomplish in November:

  • Re-wrote the three chapters of my findings
  • Read empirical studies and incorporated them in the discussion sections of my Findings
  • Edited my literature review and sent it to my supervisor
  • Made an outline of the Conclusion section
  • Wrote the discussion sections for two of my findings chapters.

What is left for accomplishing my #AcWriMo goals?

[A] In order to finish the 1st draft of my PhD thesis I have to write:

  • The ‘Introduction’ chapter of the thesis
  • The section with the ‘Paradigms’ and my positioning
  • The ‘Data analysis’ section
  • Complete Discussion sections in Findings chapters
  • The ‘Conclusion’ section
  • The ‘Limitations’ and ‘Implications’ sections
  • The ‘Future research’ section

[B] Write an extended abstract (1.000 words) for an international workshop that I really want to go; the deadline is 17 December 2012.

Ok! Time for planning!

At the 6th of December I’ll be traveling again and I’ll be able to work only after December 15th.   :/

(Lots of traveling I know!!)

My task-priority is to write the extended abstract until December 5th!
When I’ll be back in Oslo at December 15th, I’ll read my abstract with a fresh eye; make any necessary last changes and it would be ready for submission!

I have 3 working days until December 6th (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). If I finish the extended abstract-task, I’ll continue working on the Discussion section of my thesis.

How about you?
How was November for you?
I hope you had a better and more productive month!

 Wishing everyone a wonderful and creative December!




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