How to avoid plagiarism (part 2): Comparison of free on-line plagiarism checkers

In a previous post on plagiarism I promised to write about free online plagiarism checkers. After some searching on the web, I found two sites comparing plagiarism tools.

On the blog bloggerspassion Jasmine presents her comparison on plagiarism checkers and suggests the 10 best free plagiarism checkers.

On the website cornwellwriting they suggest their own “top five free plagiarism checkers every writer should use”.

The following table summarizes the suggestions of the two sites. (Note: All that follows comes directly from their sites)

Free online plagiarism checkers suggested by


Free online plagiarism checkers suggested by

1. PlagiarismCheck 

The site provides free services such as the checking of an unlimited number of papers and the generating plagiarism reports. What is great about the website is that it accepts all kinds of file formats and it even offers simple and instant ways of downloading plagiarism reports from wherever your location is. However, the fast and smart online plagiarism checker does have its own downside: the products offered do not come with any warranty.

1. Viper
This is my favourite free plagiarism checker. Designed for checking academic essays, this plagiarism checker is a real gem. It’s really accurate, very easy to use, and free. Viper needs to be installed on your computer, but it’s worth it because it can check your writing against content published online and documents on your computer. It offers side-by-side comparison, which means it’s really easy to find and re-write sentences that have duplicate content.
2. Article Checker 

Unlike PlagiarismCheck where you’d have to register and upload your work beforehand, the Article Checker is amazing as it allows you to check your work directly and instantly by pasting your text/work to make a comparison. There isn’t a need to register or download anything. Check for any possible duplications within seconds, however the results may be dissatisfying at times.

Plagium is an online plagiarism checker that is perfect for quickly checking your articles for possible duplicate content. There are two options – quick scan and deep scan. The deep scan option requires you to sign in. What I like about this tool is that it presents you with a handy chart that helps you see where plagiarised content is. The service is free, though owners welcome donations via PayPal.
3. Plagiarism Checker 

This site is especially beneficial to authors and teachers/lecturers alike with different guides given to each author and teacher on how to use the product. At this site, you could check a document, web page, handouts and articles for duplicates and report any plagiarism detected immediately. Unfortunately, Plagiarism Checker doesn’t come free. Other plagiarism detection services are also available but you’ll need to buy subscription.

3. Advanced Plagiarism Checker
Another great tool. Advanced Plagiarism Checker allows you to check content in three different ways – you can paste a URL, paste the text into the box on the website, or select a text file on your computer. You can also adjust the sensitivity level by using the slider. The tool is powered by Google and is pretty accurate.
4. SearchEngineReports 

This site is extremely simple and all you need to do is to paste your text/work in the text box to compare. The site currently has some unresolved issues with Bing with the latter throwing false plagiarized positives in certain situations.

4. Duplichecker
Duplichecker is a basic, but useful tool to check content for plagiarism. You can either enter the text in the box or browse to a file on your computer. Unfortunately, Duplichecker is not the most accurate tool out there. It’s good for doing a quick check, though.
5. Tuition 

The site not only provides checking for any plagiarism in English but also provides a comprehensive range of private tuition, tutors and exam preparation services. Unfortunately, the site would most likely benefit only students from Hong Kong.

Another free online plagiarism checker with a good array of options. This tool can check URLs, files on your computer in txt, doc, docx, odt and PDF formats, and check the text entered into the box on the site.The tool is quite accurate and you can use Google, Yahoo and Bing to check your content.
6. DupliChecker

The site offers free online plagiarism detection tool without any registration required. On top of that, DupliChecker also provides a lot of useful tips and information regarding plagiarism but it might take forever to read everything on this site though.

7. Plagium 

Plagium is another plagiarism checker that is free for all to use. The checking algorithm scans the web and new for similarities and the users can opt to display the summaries, text found, timeline and/or real time results.

8. Dustball

The site practically works just like most other plagiarism checker websites. It offers basic checking services for free but if you would like to have more powerful detection at three times more accurate than the free version, you can sign up for the premium version at $8 per month.

9. SmallSEOTools 

This is a site that provides a wide range of services other than just plagiarism checking. One can utilize the article rewriter tool and use the other features such as link tracker, search engine pingler, backlink maker and Google parerank checked. However, the plagiarism checker is pretty basic but thankfully, it’s free and everyone is welcome to use the product provided.

10. DocCop 

The site doesn’t take any copyright or ownership of your material nor retains the contents of your files beyond the time taken to generate the report. However, the site is only able to support a few types of file formats, which include PDF and .docx.



Do you have a free plagiarism checker that you would recomend?


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