My weekly goals: 29 October – 2 November 2012

Good morning!
Last week I posted my working goals for the week 22 – 26 October 2012. It is time to post whether and how I achieved my goals. 😛

Regarding my task-related goals:
I accomplished 2 of my 4 goals. I finished the section “Data collection methods” and” the role of in GT”.

Regarding the amount of working time:
I didn’t accomplish my goal to work 10 pomodoro sessions/day, but I did manage to work 9,3 pomodoros per working day!

Regarding the time management goals:
I managed to be in the office around 8am!


Although I joined the #AcWriMo I will continue posting my weekly goals in the blog. These are my goals for this week (29 October – 2 November 2012)

1st goal(task related):

  • Read 3 ch. Findings
  • Interpret intersectionality
  • Add theory
  • Start writing Discussion

2nd goal (amount of pure working time):

  • Work minimum of 5 hours/day (10 pomodoro sessions) and maximum 6 hours/day (12 pomodoro sessions)

3rd goal (time management):

  • Keep timer (pomodoro) when checking mail/news/social media to help me not loose sense of time while surfing the net.
  • Do the 5’ break every 25’

How about you?

Did you manage to accomplish your goals for the previous week?

What would you like to accomplish this week?



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2 responses to “My weekly goals: 29 October – 2 November 2012

  1. thirdworldbellekk

    Unfortunately, I did not accomplish all my goals 😦 Though, I did manage to get a lot more work in than I have done in a while!

    Thank you for blogging about AcWriMo! I’ve joined as well! 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your weekly goals on this blog though! And I’ll definitely

    For this week, here are my goals:
    – Complete introductory chapter
    – Identify and read key papers for second chapter
    – Go through the results of chapter 2 and make sure the figures are clear, choose figures to use

    This week is a lot less disruptive than last week so I hope I can accomplish my goals!

    Good luck with your goals!!!
    Keep us posted 🙂

    • Hi! I’m very happy that you shared your goals in the blog!

      Congrats about doing more work than in the past! You are in good way!!

      I also read in your blog that you bought a kitchen timer for your pomodoro sessions! Well done!!!

      Usually I use an online tool that has a free pomodoro timer because I don’t like the tic-tac sound of the kitchen timer. 😛

      Looking forward to hear your progress next week!

      Congrats for joining the AcWriMo! It really motivates many people – including me! 🙂

      Wishing you a creative, productive and a stress-free week!

      No matter what emerges during your week, do not forget: Some days are not as productive as others. The important thing is not to give up and keep trying! 😉

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