Introducing myself

I am a PhD student in Organizational Behavior. My research interests are on cultural diversity, identity, construction of social reality, hermeneutics, social constructionism, critical realism, and qualitative methods, among others.

I am in my final stage of finishing my thesis and I expect I will defend it during 2012.


Why I chose to name my blog “The PhD…war” ?

The PhD (at least how I’m experiencing it) is something like a war…

A war mainly with myself when I feel uncertain and frustrated about my choice to start a PhD or when I am facing procrastination.

Many times I feel that I’m “wrestling” with myself, others that I’m “wresting” with my research and with my data…

I have to admit that my PhD is a fruitful “war” through which I learnt (and still am) a lot about myself.

I do not regret that I have started it but I acknowledge that some times I get more pain that joy from it!

I start this blog to communicate not only my thoughts and experiences but also what I have learned and find on-line with tips about doing research, writing, and publishing.

When going to a “war” you have to be prepared! 🙂


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