My weekly goals: 5 – 9 November 2012

Ok! It is time now to put up whether and how I achieved the goals of last week.

Last week I managed to accomplish my time-goal (10 pomodoro/working day) but not my task-related goals. This was due the fact that I devoted more time for re-writing and editing than needed. I should be aware of this next week.

I managed, however, to be daily productive and this keeps me motivated so as to keep the same good job this week too! What really motivated me and kept me focus on my goals was also the #AcWriMo.

Regarding my task-related goals:
I accomplished 3 of my 4 goals: I read and re-wrote the 3 chapters of my findings. I interpreted intersectionality in my data and made an outline of the section. I didn’t add theory (yet) and I didn’t wrote the discussion (although I wrote many ideas about it).

Regarding the amount of working time:
I accomplished my goal to work 10 pomodoro sessions per working day!

Regarding the time management goals:
I reminded to myself to do the 5’ break every 25’ and it helped me a lot to stay productive daily.
I also kept timer (pomodoro) when checking mail/twitter/news. Each time the timer showed that I was over 10’ in internet I reminded my self my working goals and returned to thesis.

During breaks I kept checking twitter –just to remind myself that there other people too who try to accomplish their goals, just like I do. When you get support from other #AcWriMo members and you don’t feel alone, it motivates you. It is a really nice experience and I recommend it to all of you!

Getting back in the topic of my post – my goals for this week – here is what I want to accomplish this week!

Regarding my task-related goals:

  • Write section Intersectionality in my findings
  • Write Discussion or Data analysis

Regarding the amount of working time:

  • Work minimum of 5 hours/day (10 pomodoro sessions) and maximum 6 hours/day (12 pomodoro sessions).

Regarding the time management goals:

  • Continue reminding myself to do the 5’ break every 25’ (it helped me a lot to be productive).
  • During these 5’ breaks, try not to remain sited on the chair. Stand up and stretch; walk around. Avoid sitting in front of the screen!

How about you?

Did you manage to accomplish your goals for the previous week?

What would you like to accomplish this week?


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