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Music for concentration, reading, and studying

Sometimes I find difficult to concentrate and I really need something to help me to be more focused. I have tried to listen music (without lyrics because lyrics distracts me) and I saw that it works!

For me the best music videos for concentration and study on youtube are those provided by Study Music Project and Relaxing Records.

On youtube you can find their music videos for free! I use their playlist because it is more convenient than clicking each time on a music video.

You can check their playlists here if you want :

Study Music Project


Relaxing Records



But what are the ‘Study Music Project’ and the ‘Relaxing Records’?

According to their websites:

 Study Music Project:

The Study Music Project is an online musical experiment, founded by Dennis Kuo, dedicated to compose, create, and produce music solely to enhance the student’s studying experience.

As a Biochemistry major and music history minor at UCLA, Dennis Kuo possesses a major passion in music as well as an awareness and appreciation for the significance of studying in school. Through many years of studying, Dennis Kuo has spent a great deal of time optimizing ways to study. However, one key component that was rarely touched upon was the music being played when one is studying.

One reason that there are so much difficulty in this field is because not everyone studies to music. One can find an equal number of people who don’t study to music as those that do. As a result, very little research has been done in this field. As a result, resources in finding the perfect study music for students becomes a time-consuming, tedious chore that encourages procrastination for the more important things in life.”

Dennis Kuo, the creator of Study Music Project welcomes comments and feedback:

“Because of these issues, the Study Music Project is born. The mission and vision of the Study Music Project is to provide students with the ultimate study music, invoking focus, clarity, relaxation, and concentration, while at the same time, attempt to collect some statistical data of the effectiveness of the music.

Feedback is very much appreciated! The Study Music Project cannot improve or continue without your constant feedback. In order to collect accurate data, there needs to be a large pool of students (middle school, high school, college, graduate school, etc.) that must be willing to try this! Thus, if you are feeling open-minded, or simply looking for some good music to study to, PLEASE BE PART of the STUDY MUSIC PROJECT!”


Relaxing Records:

Our music takes you around the world as you enjoy the international flavour in our library. Each piece has been carefully mastered to suit the needs of different people, whether it is people who need the music to sleep, for deep relaxation, meditation, yoga, chill out or just pure relaxing. Our musical compilation brings together our team of sound engineers, vocalist and musicians to take you on a relaxing journey around the world

Relaxing Records although they sell their music videos at their webpage, they provide many music on youtube for free, so enjoy it! I do! 🙂


What about you? What kind of music helps you concentrate?

Or do you have other tactics or tips for concentrating and staying focused on your work?

I look forward for hearing your suggestions!




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