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My weekly goals: 22-26 October 2012

Announcing my weekly post on accountability! 🙂

I have decided to post my goals of each week as a way of accountability. I wanted to join a writing group but when I finally found one it was not possible to join because the deadline for signing in was over. I have already discussed about the advantages of participating in a writing group and the accountability in a previous post that you can read here.

The writing group I found is organized by an academic blogger, Dame Eleanor Hull and she does a great job with it! The writing group is public so you can see how such a group functions as well as comments, suggestions, discussions, etc.

Yesterday, while I was setting my weekly goals and planning my weekly working schedule, I thought that I can simply post my goals in the blog!

I have the habit to split my weekly goals in terms of three categories: task related goals, number of working hours, and time management goals.

These are my goals for this week (22 – 26 October 2012):

1st goal(task related):

  • Finish section ”the role of liter.review in GT”
  • Write section about methods of data collection
  • Read Findings and start Discussion
  • Find ways to interpret intersectionality and findings

2nd goal (amount of pure working time):

Work minimum of 5 hours/day (10 pomodoro sessions) and maximum 6 hours/day (12 pomodoro sessions)

3rd goal (time management):

  • Be at office early in the morning (around 08:00). Work 3 hours before lunch.
  • Keep timer (pomodoro) when checking mail/news/social media to help me not to loose sense of time while surfing the net.


Well, these are my weekly goals! Have you set any goals for this week?

What would you like to accomplish this week?

Anyone who is interested and wants to join is welcome!!!

Write your goals in the comments!

Your goals don’t have to be specific or hour-related of course. It can be anything you set as a weekly goal!




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