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November: the Academic Writing Month of accountability!

Recently I joined the Academic Writing Month “movement” that can be found under the hash tag #AcWriMo in twitter. The logic behind #AcWriMo is to set a “crazy” writing goal for November.

The #AcWriMo initiation started by Charlotte Frost of the blog PhD2Published and I really want to thank her for the initiative! You can read the actual announcement here:

The announcement suggests setting a “crazy goal” and “try and come up with some outcomes that would really push you beyond anything you ever thought possible”. To be honest, when I fist read it I felt uncomfortable and I was really concerned about participating; I don’t believe in “crazy” goals just for the sake of “I will try my best for one month”. Personally, I’m motivated by realistic goals which are embedded in my overall annual plan for finishing my PhD thesis.

In the past I had the bad habit of setting over-ambitious and “crazy” goals and then working really hard to achieve them… and then… suffer from burnout. As I already wrote in a previous post, this is not the right way for me.

Dr. Inger Mewburn of the amazing blog The Thesis Wisperer  also participates in the #AcWriMo. However, she has also written a great post on the need for a slow academia and her overall concerns regarding #AcWriMo also coincide with my concerns. You can read her post here.

Anyway, I decided to join the #AcWriMo but set rather realistic – not crazy – goals. I don’t view November as the most important month of the year and a time that I should put all my effort. I view November as one regular month during which I should strive to be daily productive just like all the others months.

The #AcWriMo initiation can be important since it can help me to be daily productive through accountability!

As you already know, I really like the idea of accountability and posting my weekly goals in the blog. With the #AcWriMo initiative things are a little more specific.

In the link – which you can find here – you can add your name, your twitter handle, your goals for November and your plan for achieving your goals (e.g. write 2 hours per working day, etc). Then, each day you write whether you accomplished your goal. The file is public; therefore, you set your self accountable in anyone. This is a real challenge!

I also want to thank Jennifer from the blog Jenn’s Studious Life for making this excel file and distributing it! The term “Academic Writing Month of accountability” is her concept also.


Anyone interested get on board!

So far there are 73 persons who signed up and the list becomes bigger everyday!








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